Spa ยป Massage

 Swedish Massage

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  60min $80

Best for full body relaxation and general tension relief. The Swedish massage is recommended for those recovering from surgery and/or recovering from overwhelming amounts of stress. By rubbing the muscle in the direction of blood returning to the heart, the Swedish massage increases circulation and reduces muscle tension, maximizing your relaxation experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

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  60min $90

Perfect treatment for muscle discomfort, knots and tension relief. The intensity and pressure of this massage increases the flow of blood & oxygen circulation and relieves tension of tight muscles. Ideal for sports related stress and tensions.

Hot Stone Massage

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  60min $85


Best for whole body tension release. Hot Stone massage is an ancient form of body therapy that has been known to assist heart muscle and respiratory functioning. This technique, which is often used to release muscle tightness, works to simultaneously stabilize the nervous system and normalize blood pressure. The energy of hot stones is a great way to relieve stress and neutralize the body's negative energy.